Easy Membership Dashboard Plugin

You’re only limited by your graphic design skills (or your ability to hire a graphic designer!)

Plugin Features

  • Easily add Locked, Unlocked, Achieved Lesson Images into every Learndash Lesson
  • Easily add Locked, Unlocked Course Images into every Learndash Course
  • Automagically creates a customizable Member Dashboard of available courses based on Memberium course permissions
  • Automatically creates lesson dashboards for each Learndash course
  • Display Lesson titles over your Learndash lesson images
  • Use native Memberium Redirect to up sell locked courses
  • Course Locked/Unlocked image shortcode

What’s Required?

  • Memberium & Infusionsoft
  • Learndash

Which I bet you’re already using.. am I right?

Why is this awesome?

  • Save $$$ by not having to hire some to custom code your membership dashboard courses.
  • Save time by only having to worry about the graphic design rather than Memberium shortcodes.
  • Money Back Guarantee, because I don’t want your money if it doesn’t work for you!

Introductory Limited Time Offer

Soon this price will go to a monthly price of $29/month.