We offer advanced “Locked, Unlocked, Achieved” Membership Website Development Services that help streamline your members experience.

Services Include (but not limited to):

Locked, Unlocked, Achieved Interface!
You’ll often see hear LevelUp refer to the Zeigarnik Effect. The locked, unlocked, and achieved dashboard interface takes advantage the Zeigarnik Effect to keep your members engaged and instinctively reminds them that they have yet to complete their course. It’s science!

Unlock-able Member Badges
What does it mean to a member once they consume certain pieces of content they have access to? Who are they now that they have that knowledge? They’ve earned it! Through customization, we LevelUp your members and gamify their experience.

Achievement Based Emails
Not only will your members receive achievement gratification inside their dashboard, but you can also send them an email based on their achievements! This is done through a custom Infusionsoft Campaign built for you and tailored to your content.

Memberium/Infusionsoft/Learndash O’ My!
We are a Memberium & Infusionsoft® Certified Partner and take pride in the work we do for our clients. Steph Borel has over 15 years experience working with clients in Web Design and Development and has been working with Infusionsoft clients for 8 years.

Organized Member Dashboard
In order to run a successful membership site, your members need to have a well defined path from start to finish. We nail that with the Members Dashboard.

Streamlined Member Journey
A “Start here” is easy. But with the Locked, Unlocked, Achieved Dashboard, your members will know exactly what to do after their first module and throughout their membership journey.


(Welcome to the Zeigarnik Effect for Membership websites…)

Getting Started is Easy:

STEP 1: Check out the demo & Schedule a call!

We take membership sites to another level and are excited to discuss how the process works!

STEP 2: We custom build

Once we’ve discussed your projects, we outline your 3 phases. Then we’ll begin your build based on your needs and membership materials.

STEP 3: Members Engage!

Enjoy watching your members engage like never before.. And stick around! Everyone likes to see what’s next!

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Stop expecting your members guess their next move…

Examples of a the customized LevelUp Member Add-on:

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